2000 Awards

Biology Department

  • Outstanding Junior Award: Michael A. Morse
  • Clinical Laboratory Science Award: Kelly A. Holliday
  • Excellence in Biology: Kathryn L. Clasen
  • Excellence in Biology: Duy Tran Nguyen
  • Excellence in Biology: Wendy K. Pendleton
  • Margaret A. Gordon Memorial Scholarship: Christine Karapetian
  • Margaret A. Gordon Memorial Scholarship: Duy Tran Nguyen
  • Margaret A. Gordon Memorial Scholarship: Kelly A. Poliquin
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching: Katherine H. Johnson
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching: Angela M. Myrick
  • Award for Excellence in Service: Sarah L. Williams

Chemistry Department

  • Service Award: Sharon Koh
  • ACS-Merck Award: Jon Jurica
  • American Institute of Chemists: Connie Rossini
  • Degesch America: Megan Dunbar
  • Hypercube Scholar: Andrew Skolnik
  • J. W. Chappell Award: Brian Belyea
  • J. W. Chappell Scholarship: Heather Sturgill
  • R. D. Cool Award: Todd Harrell

Geology & Environmental Science Department

  • Wilbur T. Harnsberger Field Geology Scholarship: Rebecca E. Rogers
  • Catherine King-Frazier Award: Crystal Cammarano
  • Year 2000 Betty Lloyd Scholarship: Brian H. Neely
  • Philip R. Cosminski Award: Stephanie Brightwell
  • Geology Department Award: Brian Giller

Mathematics and Statistics Department

  • J. Emmert Ikenberry Mathematics Prize: Paul Dostert
  • Award for Outstanding Future Mathematics Teacher: Christopher Dolce
  • Award for Outstanding Future Mathematics Teacher: Marie Baus
  • Mathematics and Statistics Research Award: Kathleen Bellino
  • Statistics Award: Brett Enge
  • ASQC Applied Statistics Award: Adi Raz
  • ASQC Applied Statistics Award: Craig Fichandler

Physics Department

  • Serway/Saunders Scholarship: Timothy J. Nagle
  • Serway/Saunders Scholarship: Peter M. Colosi
  • Alumni/Faculty Scholarship: Timothy A. Myers
  • Henry W. Leap Scholarship: Alexander J. Elahi
  • Outstanding Junior Physics Major: Arnold L. Larson
  • Outstanding Senior Physics Major Award: Daniel R. Beckstrom
  • Physics Undergraduate Research Award: Eugene S. Kitamura


College of Science and Mathematics, James Madison University
MSC 7502/112 Sheldon Hall, Harrisonburg VA 22807
Phone: 540.568.3508 Fax: 540.568.3581
E-mail: rexroddb@jmu.edu

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