James Madison University


Lance E. Kearns
Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences

Education, Honors, Awards

  • B.S. Geology Waynesburg College, PA.   1971
    M.S  Geology (Coastal Processes)   Univ. of Delaware, DE.  1973
    Ph.D. Geology (Mineralogy)  Univ. of Delaware, DE 1977
  • 1990:   American Federation Scholarship Foundation Award, from the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies.  The award is for         distinguished achievement in the field of Earth Sciences.
  • 1999: JMU College of Science and Math. Distinguished Teaching Award
  • 2007 JMU College of Science and Math. Distinguished Service Award

Research Interests

  • Mineral chemistry and mineral assemblages with interest in paragenetic crystallization sequences. Especially in pegmatites and Virginia Mineral localities.

Research Description

Mineral chemistry and localities. Recent work on Cornwall Iron Mine of Pennsylvania;  Allah Cooper Mine of Louisa Co., Virginia;  Wavellite from National Limestone Quarry near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Minerals of the Buck Hill Syenite, Augusta Co., Virginia  

Selected Recent Publications

  • Kearns, L. E., Frank Coccina, Alyssa Saint John, Erin Raiter, Thomas Tucker, 2008. The Mineralogy of the Buck Hill Syenite, Augusta County, Virginia.   Rocks and Minerals,  v. 83.
  • Kearns, L. E. and  Dunn M. D. , 2008.   Vauquelinite and Mottramite, a new    locality, Louisa County, Virginia. Mineral News, v. 24.
  • Kearns, L. E., S. Neely, J. Kielbaso, & W. Gaylord,  2008.  Elmwood, Smith County, Tennessee,  American Mineral  Treasures, Lithographie, LLC, East Hampton, Connecticut, USA,  . 337 – 347.
  • Kearns, L. E. and Kearns, C.A., 2008. Ruizite, Ca2Mn 23+Si4O11(OH)4•2H2O from the Cornwall Iron Mine, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania.. Mineral News, V. 24, #1, p. 8 - 9.


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