James Madison University


Cleanroom (HHS 2034)
A 1600 ft2 class 10000 cleanroom with approximately 350 ft2 class 1000 lithography room.

  • Raith Elphy+ advanced electron beam lithography tool
  • Quintel Expo 4K6 mask aligner with IR backside alignment
  • Edwards Auto 500 DC/RF Magnetron sputter deposition system
  • Edwards Auto 306 thermal evaporator
  • March Instruments PX-250 plasma etcher
  • MBraun electron beam evaporator system
  • 2 Lindberg Blue-M 6” tube furnaces for oxidation / annealing
  • Tencor Alpha Step stylus profilometer
  • Nima Technologies Dip Coater

Product Realization Lab (HHS 0001)
Machining services are available for manufacturing of assembly parts where tight tolerances on dimensions and metal finishes are required. The removal of material from a work piece is performed using conventional equipment for drilling, milling, and turning. (Our machine shop has limited prototype capabilities in four to five axis, with a circular capacity of 17 inches diameter x 6 feet long, and a mill capacity of 40 inches.)

  • 3-D Laser Scanning Capability
    • NextEngine Desktop 3D Scanner Model 2020i
  • Rapid Prototyping Capability
    • Selective Laser Sintering: 3DSystems 2500+ SLS machine
    • 3-D Ink0Jet Printing: zCorp zPrinter 450 3DP machine
    • Fused Deposition Modeling: Stratays Dimension sst 1200 FDM machine
  • Injection Molding Capability
    • Two Milicron-Fanuc injection molding machines:
      • 7-ton table-top machine with 3-inch platens
      • 110-ton commercial machine with 12-inch platens



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